About Pastor Nate Cress

Early Years:

Nathaniel (Nate) James Cress was born in Durant, Oklahoma to Nathaniel (Nathan) Lee Cress and Sandra (Sandi) Inez Cress (McNutt). He is the grandson of Pastor Daniel Cress, Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Antlers, Oklahoma. Nate's parents moved their family to Terrell, Texas in 1989 to find more stable work. Nathan and Sandi had another son, Nicholas, and a daughter, Autumn.

Nate was baptized in water on September 20, 1996 at the age of 9.

Nate was called into ministry at the age of 12 while in Children's Church. Nate felt God call him to pastor and teach the people of God.

In 2004, Nate was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in unknown tongues at Terrell First Assembly of God during a Tuesday night prayer meeting.

Education and Certification:

In September 2014, Pastor Nate Cress received a Certificate of Ministry from the General Council of the Assemblies of God.

In January 2015, Pastor Nate Cress graduated from the North Texas District School of Ministry as the Certified Tract Valedictorian.

In January 2016, Pastor Nate Cress graduated from the North Texas District School of Ministry as the Licensed Tract Valedictorian.


Nate married Jennifer (Jennie) Renee Henry in 2008. They have a daughter, Gracie, and they have a son, Josiah.

Work and Ministry:

In 2006, Nate had the opportunity to take a staff position at People's Fellowship Assembly of God in Forney, Texas as the Children's Director.

In 2008, Nate began working for Agape Full Gospel Ministries and Agape Home Healthcare. While working there Nate helped to develop Agape Bible Study, a group Bible study on Tuesday nights, which later became Agape Church in Sunnyvale, Texas in September 2013. This church began as a bible study where Nate would regularly speak and lead worship.

In 2012, Nate's wife, Jennie Cress, was given the opportunity to take a staff position as the Worship Leader at The Lakes Assembly (then called The Lakes Community Church before a merge with First Assembly of God of Rockwall in 2013) in Rockwall, Texas.

In March 2014, Nate began a young adults ministry at The Lakes Assembly, and in September 2014, he officially took the position of Young Adults Pastor after receiving ministerial credentials.

In June 2015, Pastor Nate Cress became the Associate Pastor at The Lakes Assembly (part-time). His responsibilities grew to include Adult Christian Education, Church Administration, Outreach and Evangelism Ministries, and Youth Ministries.

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