Every pastor should have a blog

Every minister should have a blog. That doesn't mean that every minister will necessarily be a good blogger or even that every minister will understand blogging. However, blogging is an open opportunity waiting to be utilized by those in the ministry that often goes overlooked.

Before I continue any further let me say that even though I've known this for years, it has been difficult for me to set aside time to develop any kind of blogging material. I don't intend this to be another rant about how I'm doing something you should do. I fully understand that ministry is a busy affair and everything we do must be calculated according to a priority scale we determine based on the needs of our ministry and the people we serve. We have often talked ourselves out of doing things because adding anything new to the schedule means cheating something else.

So why not cheat your own blog?

Number 1

Blogging is timeless. People can visit and read your thoughts and teachings on their schedule. What do people who miss your meetings do? Most of the time they are just out of luck. If you are a media inclined church, maybe you have someone who posts recorded audio or video on your website somewhere. However, even this media can be limited to your main speaking engagements. What about mentoring your staff? What about connecting your small group or bible study to online resources at their convenience? What if you aren't the senior pastor of a church? As a minister, your voice is important. Blogging is an opportunity.

Number 2

Blogging material may be easier to find than you think. How about taking some of your sermon notes or bible study notes and making that content available. Often we don't think about re-purposing the hard work we have already put into creating new material.

Number 3

Reach a new audience. While developing your own radio show or TV show might be out of the question, creating and maintaining a blog can accomplish can be done by just about anyone (barring a computer and internet access).

So while churches and ministries often focus on building their main website, I encourage you to also build your own blog separate from (or maybe part of) your main website where you can minister through the use of words, audio, photos, and videos. Be creative. Reach the ends of the earth!

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