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Back when AT&T had the iPhone exclusively, I remember AT&T produced some commercials with the phrase "There's An App For That." In the years since then, we have seen a major mobile revolution. People who never had access to the internet now have immediate access almost anywhere they go. Things have changed and communication has changed. People text instead of talking. Many young people don't use or even have an email address, but they use SMS and messaging apps. How do we reach this next generation? How do we reach the current generation who are also spending increasing amounts of time on these mobile devices?

Thus, our church began looking at publishing a mobile app for our church. After searching through the many mobile church app companies to find someone to partner with, we chose The Fluid App. I actually found out about The Fluid App from a friend whose church started using it. I was really impressed with the app from their church. The Fluid App features an updating news feed for the home page, interactive messaging groups, a media section for sermons and promotional videos, an events stream for upcoming events (much better than bulletins and emails), and the best built in app donation system I've ever seen. I won't say this app is perfect, but it is a great app, and the developers are easy to communicate with. I love that.

One of the things that I really love about this app is the group messaging feature. If you want people to interact with your app, you need something other than just regularly updated content. Having a feature that allows our church to communicate with existing church groups is a fantastic use of our app, and as far as I know, this is the only other app that has this feature for churches.

Another thing that really sold me on The Fluid App is the price. The app is priced at $29/month plus a one time set up fee of $349. For the quality of app that is produced, this is an excellent deal. Other apps in this price range have subpar user experiences, but The Fluid App knocks pricing out of the park for churches on a tight budget!

Check out our app at and let me know what you think.

Visit The Fluid App's website to find out more

While I think The Fluid App is the best choice for our church and many churches, you may find that another app works better for your church.

Other custom church apps that I've looked at include:

I've looked at others but these three were among the ones that I really debated on when we decided to go with The Fluid App. Regardless of which app platform your church chooses to use, I encourage you to utilize this tool for your ministry!

- Pastor Nate Cress

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