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One of the greatest battles churches face in their day to day operations is getting ready for the Sunday morning service. Scheduling volunteers and making sure everyone will be there can be difficult. Small churches can struggle because each volunteer plays an extremely vital role. One person going on vacation without a backup can be a disaster. Larger churches struggle because services and programs can become more complex and communication can fall through the cracks.

That's not all though. Each week a set of worship songs must be decided on and practiced. The order of service must be planned, and the list goes on.

Enter Planning Center Online

PCO Services is the solution most churches turn to in this space. While there are certainly other solutions, Planning Center Online was the first to develop a solution for this in the local church and really helped to define the catagory. Now many traditional ChMS software companies are adding a Worship Planning aspect to their existing software, and PCO is becoming more and more of a full blown ChMS. With that said, PCO Services is the most mature of all the Worship Planning solutions available to churches, and Planning Center Online continues to innovate and push their software further. Whether you choose to use PCO as your church ChMS or choose to only use the Services app in tandem with your current ChMS solution, you won't be disappointed.

Cost is always a factor in any decision regarding church resources. PCO offers the Services app for free for up to 5 people, so if you have a small band or if you really only want to use this to organize your services and store your sheet music, PCO offers a great free solution. To really harness the power of PCO Services though, you will need to pay for your whole team. You get to decide what that team looks like though, so you can certainly keep costs down to a minimum. When we started using this at our church, we quickly realized just how powerful it was and upgraded to pay for all our church volunteers.

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