2015 Ministry Review

Wow 2015 went by fast! I had just received ministry credentials a few months before January. At the beginning of 2015, we had a mess of a ministry on our hands at The Lakes Assembly. Our building project was underway and a complete mess. The great thing about our church, though, is our determination to look past our current circumstances to what lies ahead. This was a year of great growth and many lessons learned.

As I said earlier, this year was fraught with many obstacles which each presented an opportunity to trust God in the midst of chaos. Our church property was a mess, but we pressed on with powerful worship services. We replaced several AC units. Our church was broken into. Due to the extra expenses, a few months were tight financially. Yet just as Pastor David was ready to pull back and cut down on church ministry expenses, God came through to meet our needs. The members of our church, their family, and friends endured many personal trials. Yet we kept pursuing God. Our Youth Pastor was called to another church, and God brought us a brand new couple with a heart of youth ministry.

This was a year about trusting God in the midst of life's storms. Recently Texas has endured some major storms of life. At least 5 tornadoes hit the Dallas area the day after Christmas. This has been a year of extreme rain and flooding. Many churches are reaching out to help those affected by the recent storms. It has been heart breaking. At the same time it has been so encouraging to see so many people step up to help their neighbors in need.

I have a feeling that all of these trials and tests are preparing us for greater growth in 2016. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a year of harvest for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Back to 2015 though. Let's look at all that God accomplished in spite of the hiccups of 2015:

  • God blessed my family by bringing me on staff officially in January.
  • We implemented a new software tool called PCO People in February which has helped us to be more effective in ministry.
  • God inspired me to begin a small groups ministry in March.
  • By God's grace, I began serving as the interim Youth Pastor in June as well as Young Adults Pastor and Connect Groups Director.
  • We launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android in June which helps us to communicate better about upcoming events, news, giving opportunities, and more.
  • By God's grace, I was promoted to Associate Pastor in July.
  • God called a wonderful couple to come and serve on staff as our Assistant Youth Directors in July.
  • God inspired us to launch two morning services in September which has help us to grow and opened doors for volunteering and also our Bible Institute. Our building was completed and now offers a beautiful foyer and bathrooms so that our visitors do not feel rushed out of the doors after service is over. We now have more parking spaces in our parking lot.
  • We implemented a new software tool called PCO Registrations in November which has helped us to be more effective in ministry.
  • God inspired me to begin a Berean study group called The Lakes Bible Institute which now has 8 students as of December.
  • We saw our youth group remain strong and stable through the leadership transition.
  • Our Sunday morning average attendance has grown to about 130.
  • We have seen several people saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Our youth group was able to raise over $2,000 for Speed the Light.
  • Our church was able to raise $10,000 for Network 211.
  • and I will probably have to come back to update this list at some point because I'm sure I've left things out.

All I can say is God is so good!

Expecting great things in 2016,

Pastor Nate Cress

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