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Every church loathes taking attendance and recording attendance numbers. Ministers don't want to focus on metrics and numbers. We want to focus on lives and people, yet we all know that keeping good records and watching patterns for any warning signs is just a good and wise practice if we want our churches to remain healthy and effective.

Every church seems to do this differently. Smaller churches just count heads. Medium churches may use row or section leaders to take attendance for their row or section. Larger churches have all sorts of counting methods and systems. Regardless of the system you use, at some point you have to make sense of all those numbers. A collection of numbers really doesn't tell a story until you develop some sort of graph. For the tech savvy excel master minds out there, you have it all figured out. For those of us who just want to enter numbers and be done with it, there is an awesome online resource available to churches for my favorite price of FREE.

Check out the link below:

Church Metrics is a free web app from the makers of The Bible App. This is a great ministry tool that does one simple thing really well. It takes your attendance, giving, and other data and turns it into a graph that actually means something. You can even enter attendance during services from the convenience of your iPhone or Android with their free mobile app.

Check out this video from Life.Church makers of Church Metrics

So what's the downside? Well, this app is pretty basic. You input numbers; you get a graph. What you don't get are detailed records for each individual in your church.

You can however track numbers. With a little creativity you can track not just adults and children but attendance in difference classrooms or ministries. Keep in mind that each number counts as an individual in weekly attendance. So, if you have Sunday School followed by a morning Worship Service, and you count the same person twice, the system will think you have entered two people in attendance. You can get around this with a little creativity, but you may want to think through how you are recording your data.

Church Metrics is a tool that many churches will find useful, and it's priced just right (FREE). So, give it a go, and let me know what you think.

God bless,

Pastor Nate Cress

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