Joy to the World

This past Sunday, I shared a few thoughts on joy. Joy is something we all need, but it is so easy to rush past. Joy is more than happiness. Happiness lasts for a moment when things are going well, but joy is something supernatural. We can have joy even when things aren't quite going as planned. I remember years ago when my childhood family home went up in flames. When we arrived, I can remember my mother, who was far from God, break down in years and utter dispair. I didn't like the fact that our house was on fire. I had valuable and irreplaceable items of sentimental value in that house! However, in that very moment, I had no doubt in my mind that my God was going to take care of everything. I watched as the Fire Fighters rushed into the house. Fortunately, we had all left the night before and no one was in the house. I can remember as clear as day as they began grabbing photos and whatnot before blasting the house with water. My mom remembers me laughing as I watched them "save" the metal ironing board from the flames.

That's the kind of inner joy that comes from a relationship with God. God knows everything you are facing, and He has unlimited resources to help you. When you feel like you're facing the darkest days, God already has a plan waiting just beyond the horizon.

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,
James 1:2 ESV

God bless,

Pastor Nate

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